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The Innovate Calgary Tech Transfer Office (TTO) helps you commercialize and license your work while protecting your intellectual property.

What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer is the process of turning an idea or invention into a commercially available product (material, software, research, etc.).

What are the benefits of
commercializing your work?

Commercializing your invention enables you to receive a financial reward for your hard work and innovation. In addition to the potential revenue, commercialization can positively impact consumers, businesses, and economies through technological advancement, job creation, and more.

Why disclose your work?

Sharing your work is crucial for effective communication about your technology. It allows Innovate Calgary to thoroughly assess your intellectual property (IP) for protection. Once you’ve identified a unique innovation or made a discovery with commercial potential, submit a disclosure to kickstart the formal commercialization process.

  • Keep an internal record of technology developments
  • Evaluate technology for protection opportunities
  • Screen for commercial potential
  • Implement IP strategies, including building patent, copyright, and trademark registrations
  • Identify the optimal commercialization path for the innovation

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Why companies choose to
license through Innovate Calgary

Streamlined identification

The Innovate Calgary Tech Transfer Office can help you identify technologies relevant to your specific industry needs.

Cutting-edge technology

Innovate Calgary and the University of Calgary are host to world-class researchers from around the globe.

Thorough IP disclosure

Intellectual property is thoroughly vetted and filed by our experienced tech transfer team.

Responsive support

Our TTO personnel are always ready and eager to help, ensuring you receive prompt service every step of the way.

Reasonable terms

Innovate Calgary is committed to offering fair and reasonable terms and license agreements to all stakeholders.

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