Catalyzing the innovation ecosystem since 1986

Innovate Calgary has been the innovation transfer and business incubator centre for the University of Calgary for over 30 years, fostering entrepreneurship and bringing new technological discoveries to the world.

Our mission

Guide entrepreneurs in building innovation-driven enterprises
Create value for academic and industry partners
Support the innovation economy at home and abroad

We go beyond traditional technology transfer

For UCalgary students, we are an expert guide helping you set a vision for your career and the impact you want to achieve.

For UCalgary faculty and researchers, we are a trusted partner helping to protect your intellectual property and ensure the greatest social and economic impact.

For startups and new ventures, we are an incubator providing education, programs, and funding to support your growth.

Our Story

Looking back

When Innovate Calgary was founded back in 1986 to support the University of Calgary’s innovation community, we knew we could drive impact. But we couldn’t have imagined the scope of opportunity that existed.

We started out close to home, predominantly serving faculty, researchers, and students at the university, helping guide them through the tech transfer and commercialization process. But the more we saw our community’s entrepreneurs succeed, the more we realized we could play a larger role in the innovation ecosystem.

Over the last decade, Innovate Calgary has expanded its ambition, offerings, and audiences. In parallel, the University of Calgary positioned itself as Canada’s most entrepreneurial university. Together, we have helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs bring innovation to our city, province, country, and beyond.

Looking ahead

Many industries have endured disruption and reconfiguration – in part due to the global pandemic as well as the acceleration of technology and digital transformation – the opportunity for innovation has never been greater.

Climate change. Accessibility and inclusion. Health in developing nations. No domain is devoid of opportunity.

The world needs more inventors. We need more passionate,
brilliant minds that are driven to create – not simply for the
sake of it – but for real-world impact.

We exist for those minds. To support them and spur them on. To do everything we can to make sure they succeed and that the world benefits from their hard work and perseverance.

The innovation community in Calgary has begun what could be exponential growth – in startups, in breakthrough companies, in entrepreneurial opportunities, and in economic and social impact. We know it’s the full innovation ecosystem that creates the change we want to make in our city and the larger world, and our work incorporates that entire ecosystem.

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