Innovation Hub

Where ideas, research, and community drive social change


About the hub

Climate Change. Houselessness. The Racial Wealth Gap. Today’s pressing social challenges are bigger than any one individual, company, sector, or institution can solve. They demand a new way of working that centers collaboration over competition, that shifts the focus from individual challenges to their interconnectedness and common root causes, and requires a willingness to think beyond existing structures, systems, and frames to create sustainable social change.

Guided by this vision to work differently the Social Innovation Hub (SIH) connects changemakers with community-led programming, cross-sectoral networks, coaching, mentorship, and provides access to capital and space to help launch or scale innovation. 

What to expect

We believe that lasting social change comes through building relationships and trust, breaking down silos, and creating an inclusive space for creative collisions between the university and the local community to solve problems together, using social innovation. Whether you are a researcher thinking about shifting your ideas into practice, a community organization looking to experiment with new ways of delivering your services, or you just want to learn more about social innovation, when you join the SIH you will belong to an impact-curious community looking to move the needle on today’s pressing social challenges.

Build with us!

The launch of the SIH is the first step towards building a collaborative ecosystem that drives a more inclusive, resilient, and equitable Alberta. If you are interested in joining this vision, we would love to connect with us because quite frankly, we cannot do this alone. No matter who you are, or how much experience you have in the social impact space, let’s build something that is game-changing.

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