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Transforming innovation into real-world impact.

Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship, are ready to commercialize research, or are looking to fund a venture, Innovate Calgary gives you the programs, tools, and support you need to take the next right step.

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What is Innovate

Innovate Calgary is the innovation headquarters of the University of Calgary. We offer a wide range of programs, facilities, educational resources, and expert guides to help students, researchers, and startups move from ideation to commercialization and beyond.

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Learn about entrepreneurship

Explore career opportunities through programs and education.

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Access resources and funding

Get expert guidance and capital resources to grow your new business or venture.

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Commercialize your invention

Share your research and invention with the world.

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Develop an IP strategy

Define and protect your intellectual property as you grow your business.

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Together, Innovate Calgary and UCalgary are a vital part of our province’s innovation ecosystem, supporting tremendous young companies at a critical stage in their development.

Peter Santosham
Executive Director, UCeed, Innovate Calgary
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If Calgary is the centre of the energy business in Canada, it’s only natural that an energy fund would be part of the UCeed portfolio. I think the blend of philanthropy and business is very appealing. Every startup is somebody’s dream…this fund allows some of those dreams to come true.

Don Archibald
Investment Advisory Group, Energy Fund
Navigate innovation with confidence

Innovation is a journey.
We can help you take
the next right step.


Discover programs for every stage, from concept to capital

Have an idea, but not sure what to do with it? Join programs designed to help you evaluate if your idea could be a viable startup, could be licensed to a company, or could be supported by the University of Calgary faculty.

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Join an innovation hub

Turn your idea into a viable business. Become a member of one of our industry-specific hubs to access specialized facilities, equipment, expertise, and startup support services.

Aerospace Innovation Hub
Energy Transition Centre
Life Sciences Innovation Hub
Social Innovation Hub

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License your technology

The world needs your invention. Our experienced tech transfer team can help you protect your intellectual property and make your technology available for commercial purchase.

Available Technologies

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Let’s explore the possibilities together

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