An Ultra-Stretchable Nanoparticle-Based Hydrogel

For the engineering of strong 1D macroscopic hydrogel fibers.
Tech ID #: 1360.4 
IP status: PCT application filed April 2022.
An ultra-stretchable hydrogel to enable effective fabrication of strong 1D macroscopic hydrogel fibers.
Long-lasting adhesion, strong antimicrobial activity, and ultra-high stretchability.
Validated in the lab, technology is available for licensing.


Researchers from the University of Calgary have created an ultra-stretchable (over 12,400%) Ag-lignin nanoparticle-based hydrogel possessing long-lasting adhesion and strong antimicrobial activity. Such hydrogels may be used for the effective, scaled-up fabrication of one-dimensional (1D) macroscopic hydrogel fibers with desirable inherent bio-properties and excellent mechanical properties. Antimicrobial hydrogels for use in healthcare applications often lack stretchability and tensile strength, with the currently engineered Ag-lignin nanoparticle-based hydrogels presenting challenges of limitation in their mechanical properties. The hydrogel has been tested and exhibited inherent bio-properties, including antimicrobial activity and robust adhesion. The technology is also characterized with excellent mechanical properties with tensile stress of 422.0 MPa, strain of 86.5%, Young’s modulus of 8.7 GPa, and toughness of 281.6 MJ⋅m-3. With scalable production, this technology could be expanded into the healthcare platform, as its mechanical properties can be tailored to biological applications for various tissues.



  • Wound repair, tissue mimicking and integration
  • Soft robots in the fields of bioscience
  • Load-bearing applications
  • Adhesive or coating



  • The hydrogel is prepared at room temperature.
  • The continuous draw-spinning process allows for scalable production of hydrogel fibers that are characterized with uniform diameter and promising mechanical properties.
  • The preparation of the hydrogel does not require external stimuli such as UV radiation or heat.
  • Allows for antimicrobial activity, ultra-high stretchability, and long-term adhesion.




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