Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Lulu Mashonganyika

Social Innovation

In anticipation of her upcoming appearance as a special guest at our Elevate & Celebrate: Black Professionals Luncheon event, happening at the Social Innovation Hub on February 27, we recently conducted a Q&A with Lulu Mashonganyika, the visionary founder of LiiT Care Connect. This tech startup is aiming to revolutionize the flexible childcare finding experience with its innovative approach. Here’s a glimpse into our exchange:

Q: When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? Was it obvious or gradual?

A: I would say my journey to entrepreneurship was gradual, ignited by my own experiences and observations of the problem and solutions that were/are available.

Q: How would you characterize the business community/scene in Calgary? Is it conducive to what you want to see and do?

A: As the founder of a tech startup for a childcare platform, I would characterize the business community/scene in Calgary as vibrant and supportive, especially within the tech sector. There is a growing interest and investment in innovative solutions, which aligns well with our goals for revolutionizing the childcare finding experience. However, it’s essential to note that as a first time founder, I recognize the importance of being intentional and putting in significant effort to seek out help and garner support. Building connections and nurturing relationships require dedication, but with perseverance, Calgary offers ample opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Q: You are a featured guest at the Social Innovation Hub for the upcoming luncheon, what are your thoughts on the importance of having a hub dedicated to social innovation; why does it matter to entrepreneurs and founders in the community?

A: A dedicated hub for social innovation is essential for entrepreneurs and founders like myself as it provides a centralized space for collaboration and support, accelerating the different stages of starting a social impact business.

Q: What is LiiT Care Connect?

A: The LiiT Care Connect concept originated in 2020 after the founder encountered difficulties arranging flexible childcare during her unavailability as a dayhome provider. Recognizing the need for flexible childcare solutions, the journey to creating a platform began, to streamline access for parents, filling a crucial gap in the market.

Q: Is there something about your personality that helps you do what you do? 

A: As a Black female founder and working mother who often finds herself at the centre of the problem, my passion for what I do is deeply fuelled. This personal connection enhances my empathy, resilience, and commitment to building the village that so many parents need. It motivates me to create positive change, make a lasting impact, and foster innovation in childcare solutions and parenting supports.

We thank Lulu Mashonganyika for her insights. Please visit LiiT Care Connects for more information.

Register today to see Lulu, Temi Okesanya, and Samuel Obadero at the Black Professionals Luncheon on February 27.