Sharon Barker, PhD (Molecular Oncology), MBA, DipACLM

Health and Medical Innovation Consultant, Measured Success Consulting Inc.

Areas of expertise: Lifestyle Medicine (wellness/fitness/health/behaviour change), digital health, commercialization, business development, partnership development, health care delivery innovation, implementation

Current role: Health and Medical Innovation Consultant, Measured Success Consulting Inc

With over 20 years of experience working with health and medical innovators to advance their discoveries into products, Dr. Sharon Barker has worked with hundreds of companies. Sharon obtained her PhD in Oncology and her MBA, specializing in Technology Commercialization from the University of Alberta. Sharon is a strong communicator with extensive networks and a passion for health and wellness. In private and public sector roles, she has helped start-up companies develop technologies into products, build business strategy, access capital, engage beta customers, enter the market, grow their customer base, and establish critical business partnerships. Sharon’s previous roles include academic medical research, technology transfer and industry support, corporate and business development, medical affairs for Johnson & Johnson., and as Director of the TEC Health Accelerator.

Sharon has extensive networks, has a passion for health and wellness and is results and achievement-oriented; interested in improving healthcare from the patient, payer, and practitioners’ perspectives. Sharon is an experienced coach across career coaching, business coaching, and health coaching and brings experience in multiple facets of the health sector including: medical research, clinical trials management, technology commercialization, product development, corporate development, medical affairs, sales and marketing, partnerships, innovation and change management in healthcare delivery, business strategy, executive coaching, and health coaching. Sharon is both a leader and a team player in volunteer and mentorship initiatives in the Alberta technology community and a co-founder of academic, industry, and government collaborations.