Shabnam Vaezzadeh, MD, MPA, BCMAS

CEO, Global Medial Executive, Exquisite Biomedical Consulting

Areas of expertise: Medical Affairs, Market Adoption, KOLs and Advisory Boards, Publication and Clinical Strategy, Safety, Due Diligence

Current role: CEO, Global Medial Executive, Exquisite Biomedical Consulting

Shabnam has over 20 years of corporate experience in leadership of Product Safety, Medical Affairs, Clinical Development, and a background in due diligence for business development in Medical Devices and Regenerative Medicine companies and over 5 years of experience in consulting in this field. Her background spans a variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, wound healing, regenerative medicine, abdominal wall repair, breast reconstruction, orthopedics and sports medicine, general surgery, and cardiology.

Shabnam has supported start-ups and small to mid-size companies seeking to assemble and communicate a compelling business case.

EBC is a Medical Affairs consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with roots in San Antonio, TX, USA. EBC supports funded medical device and regenerative medicine companies in achieving successful product launch and safe and effective market adoption of their products through Medical Affairs initiatives including generating and communicating evidence, demonstrating the clinical and economic impact of the products, partnering with KOLs, medical education, MSL training and virtual medical director services.