Maximilian Kerz, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Cherry Health

Areas of expertise: Go-to-Market, Product Design, Technology Compliance, Strategy

Current role: Co-founder and CTO, Cherry Health

Max is the co-founder and CEO of Cherry Health, the rapidly growing medical network for physicians, healthcare practitioners, and innovators in biotechnology and digital health. He advises health-tech companies in Europe and North America and serves as an Expert Advisor to Innovate Calgary. Previously, he held pivotal roles in early-stage technology investments and venture building, notably at Bayer Pharmaceutical and Harvest Venture Builders, where he led the evaluation of digital health investments and spin-out strategies, respectively. Max holds a B.Sc. in Molecular Genetics and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning & Biostatistics from King’s College London. His academic research includes significant contributions to the European Union-funded Radar-CNS project, utilizing wearable technologies for remote patient care.