Jade Alberts

Founder, Peer Guidance

Areas of expertise: Scaling & Growth, Go to Market Strategy, Expansion, Building Teams, Policies & Procedures, Capital Raising

Current role: Founder, Peer Guidance

Jade is an entrepreneur, angel investor and strategist that Tells It Like It Is. He has had a successful career as a sales entrepreneur which allowed him to understand growth, margin and profit. He now shares his knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs as he believes a lack of capital should not get in the way of what you need to succeed. He has exited a business and helped three others exit. Jade is an Angel Investor with over 30 investments in our ecosystem.

Peer Guidance – Purpose Before Profit is a group of Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs. They guide startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses through their challenges focusing on Growth, Scaling & Angel Investing. As a hands-on organization, they have honest and challenging conversations with their clients where they discuss their successes and failures. The group has vast knowledge and experience in many sectors. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and you may not know where to go for advice. They are proud to be that trusted company that people reach out to for this advice.