Evan Hu M.Eng, CEC

Senior Partner at AltoSante Ltd

Areas of expertise: Digital Health Executive Coaching, Software Development, Business Operations, Fund Raising

Current role: Senior Partner at AltoSante Ltd

Evan is a successful entrepreneur in the Canadian technology industry providing vision, leadership and experience to organizations ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He is a startup mentor and community volunteer sitting on the board of directors/advisors for several companies and organizations including Calgary Co-op, Creative Destruction Labs and Mount Rundle Fund. With more than thirty years of experience in the creation and management of successful businesses, Evan has a proven track record in growing and mentoring successful professionals. He has worked with and consulted to many leading Canadian, American and European companies; guiding them in the best practices for technology enabled business cutting across numerous industries, including digital health, telecommunications, high technology, entertainment and consumer products.