Ernie Perkins, PhD


Areas of expertise: Geochemistry, CCS, MMV, Formation Damage

Current role: Consultant

Over the last 3+ decades, Ernie has studied geochemical processes in CO2 sequestration (CCS), acid gas storage, thermal EOR oil recovery and various other industrial processes through experimentation and by developing and using geochemical simulation models. The development and implementation of monitoring program (MMV) was a key portion of his research, He has also served on various Alberta government and Australian government committees on CCS and related topics.

He has been directly involved as a project leader, principle scientists and technical expert on CCS and CCUS projects including Shell Quest (Alberta), Gorgon( Australia), ACTL/Enhance (Alberta), Redwater (HARP) (Alberta), Pioneer (Alberta), Spectra (British Columbia), Weyburn Final Phase (Saskatchewan), the initial Weyburn monitoring project (Saskatchewan), PennWest Monitoring Program (Alberta), the CO2CRC Otway Basin CO2 storage Pilot Project (Australia), the ZAMA acid gas site (Alberta), and other projects on CO2 and acid gas disposal.