Denise Baril

CEO, The Grant Sherpa

Areas of expertise: Non-dilutive (grant) funding/ business strategy, networking skills, pitching, speaking expertise, slide deck review. 

Current role: CEO at The Grant Sherpa

An entrepreneur for over 25 years, Denise has built a systematic way to help Canadian business owners and innovators understand how to leverage, access, and close grant funding. She works with firms from BC to Newfoundland that want to grow and scale operations nationally or globally. “Business is the most fun when you can solve a problem most people have. Money is a problem most people have.” Denise helps founders in a variety of sectors including clean tech digital tech, agri tech, health tech, environmental tech, and advanced manufacturing.

For many years Denise has also been an instructor and coach in a government-run start-up program. Denise also founded a speaker network designed to help entrepreneurs use speaking as a tool to market their voice and value.  Denise has been on boards and non-profit organizations and is currently a board advisor for the Alberta IoT Association Centre of Excellence. Denise has a passion for networking to help people build networks to grow business and long-term relationships.