Chris Parker, P.Eng., MSc

Partner, Management Engineer at Tangent Design Engineering

Areas of expertise: Engineering management and talent acquisition/evaluation, medical device (and software) regulatory requirements, technology and research strategy, IP strategy, IoT and wireless systems design.

Current role: Partner, Management Engineer at Tangent Design Engineering

Chris Parker is a managing partner at Tangent Design Engineering, where he has been leading the development of the electrical and firmware teams since 2010.  Previous to Tangent, Chris managed research and development in a company that was commercializing laser spectroscopy equipment. Since joining Tangent, Chris has been focussed on building internal capabilities in electronics, firmware, software and machine learning/artificial intelligence. Chris’ role at Tangent is focused on the development of new technologies and new products both for Tangent clients and internally.  Chris is focused on bringing new technologies to market and is passionate about turning new technologies into new companies.  Chris’ formal education includes a diploma from NAIT in Electronics Engineering Technology, an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta in Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Computing Science.  Chris also leads in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Tangent’s ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Chris was attracted to engineering through technology, and continues to be a lifelong learner whenever the opportunity arises.