Alla Bondareva (Expert Advisor Profile)

Alla Bondareva, MSc, PM.

Senior Lab Manager, Molecular Biology

Areas of expertise: R&D experiment design and optimization, qualitative and quantitative research analysis; project management; budgets and budget justification for grants and business plans, capital budgeting, financial reporting; supply chain management, negotiating of prices for ordering of supply and equipment, gift-in-kind contribution from industrial partners; cost evaluation and product pricing; new laboratories set-up and equipment installation; design and implementation of safety policies and procedures, safety training; regulatory compliance, including biosafety, PHAC, CFIA, Import permits, CITES, and controlled substance license permits; animal and ethics protocols; specialty waste management including sharps, chemical and biohazard waste

 Current role: Associate Director, LSIH Labs, Innovate Calgary, Life Sciences Innovation Hub

Alla has extensive experience in managing projects, designing and performing research experiments, analyzing data, assessing quality, optimizing processes, and submitting reports for research laboratories and SMEs. Her expertise spans from writing business plans and CFI grants to enzyme purification, production and labeling of antibodies, purification, expansion, and characterization of primary stem cells, gene expression analysis, oncology, evaluation of IC50 for developing new drugs, and targeted gene editing in animal species.

Alla possesses an MSc degree in Molecular Biology, BBA in Economics and Business Management, Certificate in Professional Management, and Diploma in Accounting.