Launching Your Startup – getting “Investor Ready”

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Watch this webinar to hear from Michael Wellwood, Managing Director, 88 Street Capital Inc., as he discusses the fundamentals of launching your startup business, what the books don’t tell you, and how you avoid common startup mistakes.

You will learn about 5 key knowledge areas to prepare your company for investment including:

  • Simplified business modelling – a systems engineering approach
  • Financial modelling – simulation to test you business model
  • The capital stack – Debt, equity, and hybrids? Designing your securities and modelling – simulation to test your business model
  • Cap tables – understanding dilution and the exit
  • Securities Laws – raising capital legally in the Exempt Market. Key guidance to stay ‘onside’ with the Securities Commission

About Michael Wellwood, BSc, CSC

Over the past 15 years, Mike has focused on structuring and capital raising for private companies in Western Canada. He has also maintained roles as a contract startup CFO for many companies including a majority aboriginal owned competitive electricity retailer, a vertically integrated land developer and a cannabis co-packing facility in Southern Alberta.

As the CEO for a startup oil and gas technology company, Mike worked to develop a global licensing strategy for a new waterless fracking technology including sourcing global supply of material and supply chain management for product manufacturing in an international free-trade zone. As a partner with Insight EMRA, Mike conducted in-depth independent due diligence on Exempt Market Issuers on behalf of Exempt Market Dealers. His breadth of experience allowed him to quickly and efficiently analyze the risks of an investment product through site visits, management team interviews, market analysis and comprehensive financial modelling. He is very active in the Exempt Market community and was recently the Chairman of the National Exempt Market Association Due Diligence Committee.

Mike is a Certified Private Equity Professional, and was the founder of an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta. His previous background as an entrepreneur in the technology sector allows him to analyze and model businesses using a systems engineering approach rather than traditional subjective approaches. This led him to the alternative investing arena where he worked with various firms on strategic planning, project management, business modelling and raising capital in the Exempt Market. He has also spent time in foreign countries, structuring private equity offerings for projects in the Caribbean and Central America.

Mike holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Computer Science and completed his CSC in 2009.


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