Building Sustainable Financial Plans

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Having a strategic financial plan is paramount to ensure sustainability of organizations, both for -profit and non-profit. In this webinar from the Tools for Entrepreneurs webinar series, we discuss some of the valuable resources for creating robust revenue models and building cash flow forecasts. By the end of the webinar, viewers will have a better insight into ways to reduce financial vulnerability.

About Adam Cragg, Director – New Ventures, Innovate Calgary

As the Director of New Ventures, Adam is responsible for helping startups achieve scale. His programs include the Life Sciences Fellowship, Medventions, GreenSTEM, and GrinSTEM programs. New Ventures also oversees coaching and mentorship to assist startups via the Expert Advisors (EA’s), and Preferred Suppliers (PS) programs. New Ventures supports organizational metrics and client initiatives to meet donor and stakeholder requirements. Adam is a UCeed representative for the Haskayne Student Fund, the first student-run venture capital fund in western Canada. During his career, Adam has invested in over 120 seed-stage startups and worked with entrepreneurs from some of the world’s top universities.

*This webinar is a part of the Tools for Entrepreneurs Series

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