Workshops designed for one purpose: Guiding women in the entrepreneurial landscape

Social Innovation

Through interactive sessions and coaching, ‘From Lab 2 Fulfillment’ helps women transform research and discoveries into products and companies; participate in Social Innovation Week Oct. 11-14

Orly Yadid-Pecht sees a gender gap in entrepreneurship. And she’s doing something about it.

Universities and other organizations that drive innovation in Canada are not fully leveraging the abilities of women to be successful entrepreneurs and employers, says Dr. Yadid-Pecht, DSc, professor in the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering. The result is underrepresentation of women in Canada’s STEM workforce and women entrepreneurship.

Yadid-Pecht sees this as an opportunity to drive change and help women have equal representation as patent inventors, startup founders, board members, and CEOs.

As an inventor, entrepreneur, and professor in STEM, Yadid-Pecht saw these gender gaps and realized overcoming them can be taught. She started by coaching colleagues and quickly expanded from there with the creation of From Lab 2 Fulfillment (FL2F). FL2F is a purpose-driven workshop that teaches women in science, technology, engineering, math and health (STEM-H) how to transform their research and discoveries into products and companies.

Yadid-Pecht recently spoke with UToday about FL2F and why social innovation is so important.


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