Welcome TECHSTOCK Exhibitor: Xenomorphic Industrial Design


1. What is your innovation story?
The inventor is an avid cyclist but has reached an age where the bicycle saddle is a source of considerable discomfort. He has invented a seat, for which a U.S. patent has been issued, that incorporates a very comfortable bench seat design into a system that moves as the rider pedals. This allows optimal comfort without interfering with the pedaling stroke.

2. Do you follow a sustainable development agenda (for people, planet and prosperity) in your company / business?
The bicycle is a pinnacle achievement in the evolution of human technology and remains relevant in the move to cleaner forms of transportation. Increasing the comfort level of the bicycle will have the effect of motivating more people into cycling for commuting and recreation.

3. If your enterprise could have a global application, what is your vision for transforming the planet?
The trick is to remove traditional barriers to cycling as a utility form of transport. Comfort is a key parameter. This applies to a world-wide market.

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