Welcome TECHSTOCK Exhibitor: Tricklin’ Water Produce


1. What is your innovation story?

We recognized that there are some major flaws in our agricultural system, such as: water use, pesticide/fertilizer runoff, farm to table distance, seasonality, among others and that our communities want healthier, fresher, more sustainable food. So, we began a pilot aquaponics system to learn more about the technology and to begin to fill that demand for local food, especially during the winter months. After the last two years we have learned many lessons and developed a great customer base as we prepare to scale up to the next phase of commercialization.

2. Do you follow a sustainable development agenda (for people, planet and prosperity) in your company / business?
Yes! We provide our communities with healthy, fresh produce year-round as opposed to imported produce which is never as fresh. Our Aquaponics system conserves over 95% of water compared to conventional methods and has much higher yields per square foot. Since we grow locally year-round the ecological footprint of our produce is significantly less than imported produce and helps to increase food security during the winter months.

3. If your enterprise could have a global application, what is your vision for transforming the planet?

To encourage the creation of resilient local food systems all over the globe, empowering local farmers, and feeding local communities. Increase food security while reducing the ecological footprint of food production and transportation. Lead by example and educate others on how aquaponics and indoor year-round growing can benefit local communities all over the world.

Find out more of the social impact of Tricklin’ Water Produce at TECHSTOCK 2017