Welcome TECHSTOCK Exhibitor: Mobile Escape


1. What is your innovation story?

First, we bring the escape room to you. Mobile Escape has taken the global escape room phenomenon and made it mobile, which is not only convenient but cost-effective for large groups.

Second, we gamify the classroom. Mobile Escape has tied the escape room format to curriculum making it a classroom that every student wants more time in.

Third, we empower students to be makers. Through our various school programs, we teach students how to work together, using each others’ strengths, to accomplish something incredible—whether its making their own codes, riddles, props, blueprints, or even their very own escape room.


2. If your enterprise could have a global application, what is your vision for transforming the planet?


Learn more about how Mobile Escape is creating an impact!
Come visit them September 14 at TECHSTOCK 2017