UCAN Radio – Empowering Ukrainians in Canada through Innovation and Community

Social Innovation

UCAN Radio, a Ukrainian-language community radio station, is not just about music and entertainment; it’s about building bridges and fostering a sense of belonging in a new land. At the core is the relationship between the Social Innovation Hub and the radio station’s founder in helping ignite sparks of creativity and fostering a sense of community among newcomers and empowering immigrant entrepreneurs.

For Dmytro Gospodinov, the visionary behind UCAN Radio, the path to creating this vital platform for Ukrainian Canadians was illuminated by the resources and support offered by the Social Innovation Hub. As an immigrant himself, Dmytro understood the challenges of adaptation and integration into a new environment.

“For those who are far from home but still want to support Ukraine, radio is the easiest way to do so,” said Dmytro. “Half of the ad revenue goes directly to support Ukraine, and the more listeners we have, the more valuable the ads become. So, simply by tuning in to UCAN Radio or sharing the link, you’re contributing to Ukraine financially.”

Through the mentorship and business program at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, Dmytro found the inspiration to embark on a mission to enhance the Ukrainian community in Canada.

It was within the nurturing environment of the Social Innovation Hub that Dmytro’s vision began to take shape. With a solid business plan in hand, Dmytro recognized the strategic advantages of becoming a member of the Hub. The facilities, staff expertise, and networking opportunities provided an invaluable foundation for UCAN Radio’s establishment. From strategic meetings to practical assistance in branding, marketing, and event setup, the Hub served as a catalyst for UCAN Radio’s growth and impact.

For Dmytro, the Social Innovation Hub wasn’t just a workspace; it was a home for innovation and collaboration. “It has been a perfect place to run the radio station and to enhance the Ukrainian community here,” he noted. The support and empathy extended by the Hub’s staff resonated deeply with Dmytro, reinforcing his sense of belonging and purpose in his new Canadian home. Through storytelling workshops and strategic guidance, the Hub empowered Dmytro to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and community engagement with confidence and resilience.

UCAN Radio’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of community support and collaboration.

“By uniting newcomers with Ukrainian Canadians, we are building a bridge to strengthen culture and language,” said Dmytro, expressing his hope that his story inspires immigrant entrepreneurs to pursue their aspirations and cultivates a sense of belonging for all who come to Canada in search of opportunity.

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