Together We Thrive: Building a Supportive Ecosystem for Calgary’s Entrepreneurs

Social Innovation

We’ve heard from our community that being an entrepreneur can sometimes be stressful, like you’re doing everything all by yourself. We get it — building something from scratch isn’t easy, and it can take its toll. Healthy founders mean healthy businesses, and that’s why the Social Innovation Hub (SIH) is teaming up with Collectively Tangled to offer unique services to our members, staff, and partners. This initiative aims to fill the gaps with resources for entrepreneurs and to collaborate with partners, and startup services providers to learn more about what our community needs and how we can better support the whole entrepreneur.

With support from the City of Calgary’s Change Can’t Wait Grant, we’re thrilled to kick off a one-year pilot program packed with helpful services. For starters, we’re introducing personalized one-on-one counselling sessions, group workshops tailor-made for both entrepreneurs and partner organizations, and a resources playbook we hope to make available for future projects in the innovation ecosystem. The mental health workshops and counseling sessions will be provided by our partner organization, Collectively Tangled.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Innovate Calgary and the SIH to offer prevention and intervention-based mental health services to their members, program participants, and staff,” said Sarah Mateshaytis, co-founder of Collectively Tangled.

“Entrepreneurs experience mental health challenges at greater rates than the general population, so meeting them where they’re at and reducing barriers to them accessing mental health support–such as cost, stigma, and ease of access–is so important. Taking tangible action to address these barriers really speaks to the SIH’s deep commitment to the success, growth, and development of their members.”

Here’s How you Can Engage:

Drop in Counselling on Mondays and Fridays (subject to change)

  • This is available to members of Innovate Calgary Hubs. To participate, visit this website. Calendar can be booked up to a month ahead. You will receive your discount code from the Community Manager of your Hub.

Armed to Innovate Workshops

  • May 29 | 1pm – 5pm | Social Innovation Hub
  • October 17/31/Nov 7 – 12-2 pm | Virtual

To register, connect with your Hub’s Community Manager for the link.

Preventing Burnout for Capacity Builders

  • This is available to Innovate Calgary staff and partner organizations of Innovate Calgary that support innovators and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. Interested partners should connect with

Look out for the playbook!

  • Once this pilot wraps up, Collectively Tangled and the Social Innovation Hub will gather insights gleaned from the experience and compile them into a handy resource. This resource will serve as a guide for other ecosystem partners, offering insights and strategies to bolster the mental health and overall well-being of entrepreneurs.

“A healthy economy cannot exist without healthy individuals, including founders,” said Jordana Armstrong, Director of the Social Innovation Hub. “As we work towards scaling impact in our city and economic development, it is important that we acknowledge that mental health is necessary for strong communities and economies. This partnership with Collectively Tangled not only enhances but also extends the type of support entrepreneurs and founders will benefit from, reinforcing our dedication to their overall well-being.”

We firmly believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. That’s why we’ve joined forces with awesome partners like Collectively Tangled and the City of Calgary. Together, we’re not just honouring the human side of entrepreneurship; we’re shaking things up and revolutionizing how we approach economic development and diversification in Calgary.

Contact Info:

Chantal Palmer, Community Manager, Strategy and Engagement, Social Innovation Hub