Showcasing UCalgary Startups: Highlights from Collision 2024


From June 17th through June 20th, Innovate Calgary had the incredible opportunity to participate in Collision 2024, one of the largest tech conferences, held at the Enercare Centre in Toronto. This event brought together technology ecosystems from across Canada and around the globe for a week filled with events, sessions, and networking opportunities. As a startup-focused conference, Collision featured hundreds of startups, including over 50 from Alberta, and Innovate Calgary was proud to showcase seven remarkable startups from the University of Calgary.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Innovation

Day 1 kicked off with high energy and excitement as we set up our booth (E155) and prepared to introduce the world to the innovative ventures emerging from the University of Calgary community. Startups like LyfeMD, Deep Surface AI, and Quantized Technologies Inc. were thrilled by the diverse array of companies present, ranging from well-known giants to smaller, developing tech and health tech startups. The collaborative spirit driving innovation and technology was truly inspiring, and it was heartwarming to see the genuine curiosity and connections being made.

Day 2: Building Momentum

Day 2 was even busier, with our incredible UCalgary startup founders from Nimble Science, MHCombiotic Inc., and Taylored Biotherapeutics taking center stage. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable as they showcased their groundbreaking innovations and built meaningful relationships with attendees. With strong support from the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking – UCalgary and AEiR, startups like O-Two Carbon Inc. felt confident in their growth and potential. Witnessing startups coming together, many meeting in person for the first time, was energizing and underscored the importance of events like Collision for fostering collaboration and growth.

Day 3: Wrapping Up on a High Note

The final day at Collision 2024 began with an incredible morning. Our UCalgary startup founders from Deep Surface AI and LyfeMD had a fantastic start, connecting with attendees and showcasing cutting-edge innovations. The energy remained high throughout the day, with our booth experiencing a high volume of traffic from curious minds to those with specific interests. University of Calgary alumni were particularly excited about the diverse and innovative companies emerging from our ecosystem.

Throughout the three-day event, our startups in AI and health tech, especially LyfeMD and Deep Surface AI, sparked significant interest with their outstanding showcases. The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking – UCalgary celebrated our thriving ecosystem and incredible startups, reinforcing why UCalgary is Canada’s number one startup creator.

Reflecting on Collision 2024

Collision 2024 was a perfect platform for making new connections and supporting existing ones. We experienced an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and collaboration, which is at the heart of what we do at Innovate Calgary. Working with partners like the Hunter Hub, CDL-Rockies, UCeed Investment Funds, and others, we proudly showcased why UCalgary continues to lead in innovation and entrepreneurship.

As we look back on our time at Collision, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. The connections made, the innovations shared, and the enthusiasm witnessed reaffirm our commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive startup ecosystem. Here’s to many more opportunities to showcase our incredible startups and to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

A Huge Thank You to Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters and UCalgary Startups!

While at Collision 2024, we had the pleasure of serving coffee from the renowned Calgary-based Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters to everyone who visited our booth. This exceptional coffee company, founded by University of Calgary alumni Phil Robertson, BSc ’00, and Sebastian Sztabzyb, BSc ’00, has turned their passion for coffee and entrepreneurship into a beloved and successful brand.

For Phil, the essence of entrepreneurship lies in being drawn to the potential of an idea and the challenge of nurturing it to its fullest. This very spirit inspired them to support our Collision booth with their amazing coffee, fueling attendees throughout the conference.

Phil & Sebastian understand the importance of events like Collision, where innovative startups have the opportunity to showcase their potential to a wide audience. Their support helped us create an environment where our startups could shine, encouraging them to continue on their entrepreneurial journeys.

We are incredibly grateful to Phil & Sebastian for their generous contribution. Thanks to them, we handed out nearly 1,000 cups of coffee, making our booth a popular spot throughout the week!

In addition, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the incredible UCalgary startups that joined us and showcased their groundbreaking innovations:

  • Deep Surface AI: Enhancing patient and provider outcomes in medical aesthetics with 3D simulations and precise tools developed through machine learning and statistical models.
  • LyfeMD: Empowering individuals to improve health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes with their evidence-based wellness app.
  • MHCombiotics: Combating antimicrobial resistance with novel antibacterial agents and formulations offering anti-biofilm, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Nimble Science: Revolutionizing gastrointestinal research with the SIMBA Capsule, a non-invasive device for gut microbiome sampling.
  • O-Two Carbon: Converting CO2 into ethylene and ethanol using scalable electrochemical technology, supporting a circular carbon economy.
  • Quantized Technologies Inc. (QTi): Transforming digital communication with quantum technologies to provide quantum-secure solutions for modern cybersecurity challenges.
  • Taylored Biotherapeutics: Developing microbiome therapeutics targeting the gut microbiome to combat mental health illnesses with advanced data platforms and machine learning.

Thank you, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, and our amazing UCalgary startups, for making our Collision 2024 experience exceptional! Your contributions and innovations continue to inspire and drive us forward.