Never-satisfied complainers need management, not your manager

Social Innovation

UCalgary health-care complaint expert Amie Liddle says ID’ing chronic complainers cuts cost and anxiety; participate in Social Innovation Week Oct. 11-14

She calls them querulous for their insatiable gripes and grumbles — but companies dealing with chronic complainers might as easily label them a costly waste of resources.  Indeed, it was the discovery complaints without recourse or reason were costing the Alberta health-care system up to $200,000 each that spurred Dr. Amie Liddle, PhD, to fight back with research and a strategy to help those on the receiving end.  “Querulous complaint behaviour is disruptive to organizations, damaging to professional reputations, psychologically distressing and a misuse of human and financial resources,” says Liddle, adjunct clinical associate in UCalgary’s Faculty of Nursing.

Through the Social Innovation Hub, Liddle was supported in creating the CoER (Complaint Education Research Group) venture, an online learning platform that offers microlearning certificate courses. Individuals learn the fundamentals of querulous complaints, early identification QCAIP, triggers, strategies to respond as well as how to manage complaints. CoER (Complaint Education Research Group) is a current fellow in our Research to Social Innovation Incubator (R2SI).

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