Congratulations to the new Life Sciences Fellows – March 2022

Life Sciences Innovation

The Life Sciences Fellowship has welcomed three new fellows into the program, attracting talent from all over the country. From left to right in the image, congratulations to:

  • Abdullah Sarhan, RetinaLogik
  • Craig Doram,
  • Fiona Simpson, BioMimir

About the new Life Sciences fellowship companies

RetinaLogik is raising the bar for vision screening technology because we believe everyone deserves access to quality vision care. With the RetinaLogik Platform, life-changing exams can be delivered on intelligent and portable devices, at a fraction of the cost. has a mission to improve lives by transforming the technology of monitoring body movement. They are developing a clinically validated IoT solution utilizing sensor technology and a machine learning-enabled platform for use in stroke. 

BioMimir is a pre-seed medical device start-up. They design, develop, and commercialize biomaterials solutions for regenerative medicine applications. Their first product is a flexible, elastic hydrogel that functions as a wound sealant, wound filler, and tissue regenerating solution. The biomaterial is a biodegradable, non-toxic hydrogel whose elastic properties are tuneable to specific wounds and tissue types (e.g., skin, muscle, cornea). 


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