Canadian Innovation Week: #innovatefortheplanet with GeoGen

Energy Transition

It’s Canadian Innovation Week! This week we will share #innovationforgood stories and invite you to take on our daily innovation challenge. To kick off the week, we’re highlighting a company that is #innovatingfortheplanet and encourage you to share your repurposing and upcycling stories.

Of the 436,000 oil and gas wells drilled in Alberta, around 19% (or 88,433) have been abandoned. While most people might see this as wasteful, GeoGen saw an opportunity to breathe new life into old wells.

Bryan Zintel and Matt Hogg are disrupting how geothermal energy is harvested and converted into electricity! By repurposing end-of-life wells, GeoGen’s innovation increases output from the well, offering the best potential to produce gigawatts of geothermal electricity. An Individual GeoGen conversion can power 110 homes 24/7 with enough wells to power over 12 million homes in North America!

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