Announcing the Finalists of the Indigenous Innovators Tech Showcase 2024

Social Innovation

We are thrilled to announce the top five finalists for the Indigenous Innovators Tech Showcase, taking place on July 4, 2024, at the Social Innovation Hub. This event marks a significant milestone in our ongoing BIPOC and Rural Tech Founders event series, dedicated to empowering Indigenous talent in the innovation sector.

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable contributions of these Indigenous entrepreneurs, who will compete for non-dilutive capital and can highlight their groundbreaking solutions. Each finalist brings a unique perspective and innovative approach to addressing various challenges and opportunities.

Meet the Finalists

AdvanceAg Inc.

Joshua Day Chief, CEO

AdvanceAg Inc. stands at the forefront of biological technology, ensuring that these crucial innovations are accessible and effective for farmers across the spectrum. Specializing in data-driven fertility management and custom biological product programs, they’re dedicated to transforming agricultural practices sustainably. Learn more about AdvanceAg Inc.

blueBell Village

Andy Karesa, President & CEO

blueBell Village redefines dementia care by building on personal experiences with the system’s current limitations. Their approach includes a supportive technology tool, blueBell Connect, aimed at enhancing communication and personal independence. Visit blueBell Village

Indigenous Incubator Inc.

Rod Stagg, Owner at Cougar Technical Services Ltd.

Indigenous Incubator Inc. is a visionary shared services company that fosters economic development and creates employment pathways for Indigenous youth. By supporting Indigenous-owned enterprises, they contribute significantly to national reconciliation efforts. Explore Indigenous Incubator Inc.


James McInnes, Founder

Prompty revolutionizes professional networking with its web-app that integrates digital business cards and CRM features. Ideal for both individual professionals and businesses, Prompty enhances networking at events through innovative features like multi-use name badges and advanced analytics. Discover Prompty


Jason Lizotte, Founder & Owner

Nipiy leads with eco-friendly innovation by offering automated solar-powered, portable sanitation stations suitable for various settings, from educational institutions to construction sites. Their commitment to sustainability and health stands out in today’s market. Learn more about Nipiy

These finalists exemplify the spirit of innovation and community focus that the Indigenous Innovators Tech Showcase aims to support. Each has developed solutions that not only solve pressing problems but also pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Event Details and Registration

The showcase will feature specialized coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and a chance to learn directly from these visionary entrepreneurs. This is your opportunity to engage with and support the growth of Indigenous tech enterprises in Alberta.

Date: July 4, 2024
Location: Social Innovation Hub
Register here: Indigenous Innovators in Tech Showcase Tickets

About the Event Series

The BIPOC and Rural Tech Founders event series is designed to foster greater access to the innovation sector for startups led by diverse founders. This event, our seventh in the series, not only celebrates but also actively supports the development of Indigenous innovators, aligning with Alberta’s evolving technological landscape and our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Join us as we support and celebrate these inspiring finalists in their journey towards innovation and impact. Together, we can contribute to a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape in Alberta.

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