A Day of Innovation: The CEOx1Day Experience at Innovate Calgary

Life Sciences Innovation

Keerthana Chockalingam, a fourth-year student at the University of Calgary, joined Innovate Calgary for a day under the mentorship of CEO John Wilson through the esteemed CEOx1Day program. For Keerthana, it presented a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate her passion for technology, business, and innovation.

The CEOx1Day initiative aims to bridge the gap between aspiring leaders and top Canadian executives, offering participants like Keerthana the chance to gain invaluable insights into business and leadership. For Keerthana, who is deeply rooted in science and technology, being matched with Innovate Calgary was a natural fit.

“Innovate Calgary was a perfect match for me,” Keerthana explains. “I’ve always been fascinated by science, technology, and innovation, and Innovate Calgary embodies all of these aspects.”

Keerthana’s enthusiasm for innovation extends beyond her academic pursuits. Currently delving into 3D modelling projects with applications in wound healing, she envisions leveraging technology to revolutionize healthcare. Her involvement with Youreka, where she serves as president of the Calgary chapter, underscores her commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators.

“Leadership and innovation go hand in hand for me,” Keerthana asserts. “I’ve always been motivated by taking initiative and driving change.”

During her day at Innovate Calgary, she toured the hubs and was struck by the organization’s inclusive and supportive environment. From the vibrant Social Innovation Hub to the dynamic Life Sciences Innovation Hub, she found herself immersed in a culture of collaboration and mentorship–a culture she aspires to replicate in her own entrepreneurial endeavours.

“Ms. Chockalingam’s enthusiasm and interest in our day-to-day operations was noticeable,” said John Wilson, CEO of Innovate Calgary, and Keerthana’s guide for the day. “Her active participation in meetings and the insightful questions she posed left a strong impression, underscoring her appreciation for the significance of our work. It was evident to me and others that she possesses strong leadership skills that will take her career far.”

As she envisions her future as the CEO and founder of a science and technology startup, Keerthana sees Innovate Calgary as a beacon of inspiration. The lessons learned from her day and the insights gained from touring the various hubs have only reinforced her determination to make a meaningful impact in the world of innovation.

“If there’s one place I’d turn to in the future, it’s Innovate Calgary,” Keerthana concludes. “Their dedication to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs is unparalleled.”

Keerthana Chockalingam’s CEOx1Day experience at Innovate Calgary serves as a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, leadership, and innovation. As she continues her journey, she remains steadfast in her commitment to driving positive change and shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship.