Interested in joining our Expert Advisor Roster?

We'd be happy to meet with you. In the meantime, check out our frequently asked questions to get you started.


Are your Expert Advisors only from the Calgary area?

No. Our Expert Advisors are located throughout Canada and the U.S.

Can I bring a current or potential client into your program?

Absolutely, our membership provides life sciences companies an excellent mechanism to pay for expert consulting.

What agreements/paperwork is required?

Once the MSA is signed, a Statement of Work (SOW) is drafted for each LSI Hub Member engagement. The SOW identifies the project timeline, deliverables, and expected outcomes. This ensures that everyone has a clear expectation prior to commencing the engagement.

How long are typical engagements?

Phase 1 engagements are typically 10 to 15 hours. Phase 2 engagements are generally between 20 to 50 hours. The maximum length of an engagement is 100 hours.

Will I need to divest any investments or step down from any external roles (board member, advisor, mentor, etc.)?

No. However, it is important that you disclose potential conflict of interests to Innovate Calgary and your client as soon as you become aware of them.

I am interested. How do I become an Expert Advisor?

Great! Send us your CV and we will schedule a call or meeting with you to get started.

How much experience is required?

Expert Advisors come from various backgrounds and have many different skills in life sciences that are valuable to the Life Sciences Innovation Hub's growing start-up clients. Our expert advisors are serial entrepreneurs, retired or semi-retired professionals, full-time consultants, advisors, and mentors.

Will I need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes. All Expert Advisors must sign a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Innovate Calgary, which includes terms of confidentiality.

Are these paid engagements?

Yes. Innovate Calgary sponsors an hourly stipend.

At what point may I engage the client directly?

The client and Expert Advisor are free to engage directly at any point once the LSI Hub engagement is complete. At that point, the client is responsible for compensating the Expert Advisor for services provided.

Do you cover travel costs?

For remote Expert Advisors, Innovate Calgary may sponsor a portion of one visit to Calgary for you to meet the client in person. We are happy to explore these possibilities with you.