Test for Success: Exploring New Ideas & Solutions by Prototyping Everything | February 21

Social Innovation
21 Feb 2024

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with ideas, obstacles and problems. How do we know which ideas are best? How can we find the right solution? In dealing with big, complex problems — any problem, really — our first solution is rarely a perfect one. So how do we find the right one? The answer lies in Prototyping: processes around quickly testing ideas, learning from those tests, iterating and repeating so we can build our confidence as we find our next best step forward.

In this hands-on Social Innovation Hub CREATIVE STUDIO workshop, we will learn:

  • What is a prototype
  • The mindset of prototyping and the opportunity of failure
  • Some formal approaches and processes for failing successfully


About the facilitator

Vince Iannelli is the Creative Studio Designer at the Social Innovation Hub, focused on building creative confidence in entrepreneurs and innovators. He’s been around the block, having worked and taught in the world of music production and sound design, having managed people and products in the local tech sector, and most recently, helping develop compelling experiences for visitors to the Telus Spark Science Centre here in Calgary. He finds his creative inspiration all around, especially on the land.

This event is meant to support members of the Social Innovation Hub. The wider community is invited to participate if space allows. The Social Innovation Hub supports social innovators in launching, scaling and growing their businesses in a community of like-minded individuals. Learn more about membership to the Social Innovation Hub.