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Energy Transition
31 Jan 2023

Innovation and discoveries have transformed civilizations and societies since the beginning of time. Now, research universities like the University of Calgary are dynamic communities dedicated to creating knowledge (research) and sharing knowledge (education) while working with the broader community to enhance quality of life. But sometimes, amazing discoveries stop short and stay within the confines of the lab or classroom instead of contributing meaningfully to industries that need them. Companies also spend millions of dollars on research and development of products to push the innovation needle but may be able to benefit from research being done at universities.

Innovate Calgary, the University of Calgary and industry partner Avatar Innovations are filling that gap at the Energy Transition Centre. Let’s dig into this topic with an engaging tech focused speaker series the last Tuesday of every month.


About this session

The Tech Tuesdays @ the ETC speaker series kicks off with a guest speaker from the University of Calgary, Dr. Steven Bryant. Dr. Bryant will describe UCalgary’s recent efforts to increase engagement in both directions: sending more innovations and innovators from campus into the innovation ecosystem, and bringing more entrepreneurs, investors, startups, SMEs and industry challenges onto campus, often to work side by side with UCalgary’s innovation-minded students, staff and faculty. Learn more about how industry professionals can leverage the university’s expertise to solve their pressing challenges and questions and vice versa.

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