Social Innovator Picture Day

Social Innovation
21 May 2024

Member’s Only Exclusive Event

Headshots that align with who you are and your startup’s vision.

Professional headshots can help you stand out, establish credibility, and make a positive first impression in today’s digital landscape. It gives new connections a glimpse into who you are and what your business is about. Presented by our Creative Studio, members of the Social Innovation Hub are invited to participate in experiential headshots by our artist-in-residence, Sam Obadero. With Sam, you will get an opportunity to get free professional headshots and reflect on who you are as a founder and a business.

What to expect: Each session is about 30 minutes long and will include a conversation with Sam whose ultimate goal is to learn from you and create an image that is unique to your personality and story. Interested parties may also be invited to continue the conversation in a future podcast.

What to wear: We recommend wearing clothing that reflects your personal brand and the image you want to convey. Avoid busy patterns and opt for solid colors that complement your style.

Result: A few days later, each founder will receive a high-quality headshot that showcases their individuality and professionalism for your online presence and promotional materials. Sam is also interested in supporting founders in reflecting and “self-observing” during the time spent with him.

See Sam’s Portfolio

About the Photographer – Samuel Obadero

Sam was born and raised in Nigeria and immigrated to Canada in 2018 where he founded one of the first black owned professional photo studio in the city of Calgary, Mohkinstsis- Motif Photography. His essence as an “artpreneur” is to cultivate a community that reveres diversity and creativity.

He is a community leader, artist, and art administrator with professional degrees in Information Technology, Digital photography and Arts Administration. In 2019, he was honoured to receive the CCIS New Canadian Artist Award at the prestigious Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions.

In his capacity as a community leader, Sam’s focus remains steadfast on championing fellow artists and community members, particularly those from minority backgrounds. Guided by his core values, Sam’s artistic odyssey revolves around intertwining connections, sharing resources and volunteering within the community. He currently volunteers as the Board-chair of Chromatic Theatre and also as Board-chair of M:ST Performative Theatre.

“My mission is clear — to inspire and empower, creating a welcoming and inclusive haven for artpreneurs” – Samuel Obadero.