Resolutions That Work: Using Insights from 2023 to Create New Paths in 2024

Social Innovation
17 Jan 2024

Research shows that hardly any New Year’s resolutions make it into Spring; most are abandoned by January 28th.

Why? Most New Year’s resolutions are poorly designed and loosely executed. They tend to be vague or overly aspirational and detached from reality. Thus, it’s either unclear what action to take to succeed, or it requires too much effort to sustain, and we easily fall back into our old behaviour patterns.

In this action-oriented workshop, we will reflect on the past year to give you a sense of direction and to look for clues on where you can best invest your time and energy in 2024. You’ll be guided through a process to envision the year ahead and design practical habits or practices that excite you and that you can easily sustain. This is an opportunity for innovators to create a plan that supports the change they want to see in their lives and work through a lens of curiosity, reflection and action.


1. Welcome and reflecting on 2023
2. Break
3. Creating the New Year

Participants are encouraged to have pen and paper on hand to work through their resolutions.