Protecting Intellectual Property: What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know (Lethbridge)

Life Sciences Innovation
29 Aug 2023

Join us at the University of Lethbridge to learn about keeping your ideas safe and how having a strong Intellectual Property (IP) strategy can provide your startup with a strong competitive advantage for now and the future. We’ve asked some experts, including an IP strategy advisor, an IP transfer specialist, an IP-backed startup founder, and an IP funder, to talk about the common problems startups face with IP. Topics include:

  • Best practices for protecting your ideas early on
  • How IP can help you become investment ready
  • What not to do with your IP in your startup

They’ll also share stories about what has worked and what hasn’t for new businesses. You’ll even get a sneak peek into some funding that will help you with your IP strategy.

Lunch will be provided.

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