Leading at the Intersection of Empathy and Social Innovation

Social Innovation
01 Jun 2023

Join us for this interactive workshop and learn how empathy can help tackle today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

In the face of climate change, rapidly advancing technologies, misinformation, and polarization, empathy has never been more important to democracy and the future of humanity. The good news: humans are born to empathize, empathy has been a part of our successful evolution as a species, and extending empathy is good for us.

Drawing from neuroscience, leadership studies, and positive psychology, Anita will describe how purposeful empathy can help tackle today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges while also improving your health and happiness.

After attending, you will understand:

  • Why empathy drives purpose
  • How to become a more empathic leader
  • How to practice self-empathy to improve your wellbeing
  • Why elevating our collective empathic consciousness can inspire profound social change
About Anita:

Anita Nowak, PhD, is an empathy expert, author, certified coach, TEDx speaker, podcaster, award-winning educator at McGill University, and founder of Purposeful Empathy by Design, a boutique advisory firm that helps family foundations and purpose-driven organizations create cultures of empathy and social impact.

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