InterGen Breakfast Club presents Pure Life Carbon

Energy Transition
20 Apr 2023

We’ve teamed up with Intergen to present the Breakfast Club #ClimateTech series which will showcase innovative companies that are making a significant impact through their business strategies focused on the three pillars of environment, social and good governance.

Kickstarting the first episode is Scott Jenkins, Co-Founder and CEO of ZS2 Technologies Ltd., a company aiming to build a better planet by providing proprietary and high-performing building solutions across North America. ZS2 specializes in climate-resilient products and is now Canada’s leading sustainable building materials developer.

Matt Grieves, a proud investor and board member, will be joining the conversation as we talk about how ZS2’s products are changing the face of the construction industry.

If you’re interested in companies that are committed to making a difference and finding a better way, don’t miss this series!

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