Faculty of Science Innovation Fair | February 23

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23 Feb 2024

Calgary is a thriving hub of innovation, where the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Science (FoS) and Innovate Calgary, among other major units, play a crucial role in driving cutting-edge technological advancements. The bi-annual Faculty of Science Innovation Fair serves as a fantastic platform, offering unparalleled exposure for new startups and groundbreaking innovation research emerging from UCalgary. This event acts as a bridge, connecting these early-stage ventures with potential industry partners and ecosystem stakeholders. During this dynamic fair, each innovation research or startup gets the chance to present their vision to an engaged audience. After their compelling pitches, participants have a dedicated space for immersive demonstrations and impactful networking opportunities. This event not only fosters collaboration but also propels emerging technologies to the forefront of Calgary’s innovation landscape.


The first fair, held on August 30th, 2023, on the University of Calgary’s campus, featured the participation of 14 UCalgary startups and innovation research projects from the Faculty of Science. This significant gathering drew in more than 120 attendees, including industry partners, faculty members, and fellow UCalgary startups.

Some of the innovative companies who participated in the past event include:

  • DME Tech Inc. pioneers sustainable organic photovoltaic films for lightweight and flexible solar energy.
  • Chromasense Technologies Inc. focuses on biodegradable sensors for smart food packaging.
  • Electrochemical Capture and Release of Lithium contributes to the clean energy sector through selective lithium extraction.
  • PrintedSUN Inc. advances healthtech with wearable medical sensors.
  • RetinaLogik enhances vision screening through AI and VR, while MHCombiotic develops novel antimicrobials.
  • Quantized Technologies Inc. ensures quantum-proof cybersecurity, and Superionics enhances lithium-ion batteries’ safety.
  • Quverse Innovations Inc. works on quantum technologies, and Fluidome Inc. provides metabolomics products and rapid biosensors.
  • QuantaSensing focuses on quantum microscopy, and TactTongue introduces tactile and taste stimulations.
  • Finally, Possibility Neurotechnologies empowers individuals with neurological disabilities, and AgGene Inc. advances plant biotech for sustainable crop production.

These companies collectively represent a diverse spectrum of cutting-edge innovations. Read more about the first Innovation Fair here.

Interested in applying to demo your startup/innovation project at the Faculty of Science Innovation Fair? Here is the form to submit.

The application deadline is Feb 9, 2024, 5 pm.