Develop Your Authentic Story: Presented by the Creative Studio

Social Innovation
31 Jan 2024

Develop Your Authentic Story: a CREATIVE STUDIO workshop for innovation and creativity in your business.

Stories are a compelling and universal way to share our experiences as humans. As entrepreneurs storytelling is a vital tool for creating authentic connections with our customers, stakeholders and community. They have the power to change hearts and minds, and research continues to validate certain methods and approaches as more successful for persuasion.

In this hands-on Social Innovation Hub CREATIVE STUDIO workshop, we will learn:

  • What makes a compelling, engaging, authentic story
  • How we can put ourselves in our stories to create a genuine connection
  • Who our audiences are and how to tailor stories for each of them
  • How to share our stories effectively
  • How stories can change hearts and minds

Expect to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs and founders!

This event is specifically designed and available for members and invited guests of the Social Innovation Hub, underscoring the exclusive access afforded to those who are part of our dynamic community of social innovators. The Social Innovation Hub is dedicated to nurturing and empowering social innovators as they embark on their journey to launch, scale, and flourish in a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

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