Armed to Innovate: Communication & Wellness

Social Innovation
10 Jul 2024

You are your business’s #1 asset! Let’s prioritize it. This workshop explores tools and strategies to bolster mental health as a founder.

Did you know work relationships can have a bigger impact on our mental health than our therapist? Being a leader in innovation brings unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to team and workplace dynamics. Our ability to communicate effectively is key to supporting strong mental health.


Learn the skills and strategies to effectively communicate and support resilience for yourself and others during this workshop. You’ll learn practical tools and frameworks, and apply them directly to your business.

We’ll be covering:

  • Setting yourself up for success – starting with our inner communication styles;
  • Understanding differences: Intersectionality and communication;
  • Common challenges that get in the way of effective communication – and how to overcome them;
  • Frameworks to identify current opportunities while practicing concrete tools and strategies.

This workshop is brought to you in partnership with Collectively Tangled, a social enterprise that provides mental health services and education to the startup and innovation sector, with a focus on founder well-being. When it comes to mental health support, they speak and understand entrepreneurial language–they’re founders, too.


This offering is open to members of the Social Innovation Hub and other Innovate Calgary Hubs, with a few seats available to non-members. Learn more about membership at the Social Innovation Hub.

This workshop was originally set for May 29th and was postponed.