Monoclonal Antibody Against Human MS4A8B

A quality antibody for oncology research.
Tech ID #: 345.3
A well-characterized mouse IgG2a monoclonal antibody against human MS4A8B.
Useful for pre-clinical and clinical oncology research.
Multiple applications including flow cytometry, immunoblotting and immunoprecipitation.
Hybridoma is licensed to and available from Kerafast.


Dr. Julie P. Deans, a researcher from the University of Calgary, has produced a monoclonal antibody (mouse IgG2A) against human MS4A8B. MS4A8B is a member of the MS4A family expressed in epithelial cells found in various tissues, particularly in the lung and trachea. Importantly, MS4A8B is overexpressed in both prostate cancer and small cell carcinoma in the lung, suggesting a potential role as a biomarker and/or therapeutic target in these diseases.

A quality antibody against MS4A8B can be valuable for both pre-clinical and clinical research applications. This anti-MS4A8B antibody detects an extracellular epitope, has no observed cross-reactivity and has been used successfully for flow cytometry (FC), immunoblotting (IB), and immunoprecipitation (IP).



  • Preclinical and clinical oncology research: prostate cancer and small cell carcinoma (lung).



  • Extremely specific and well-characterized. 
  • Multiple applications including IB, IC, and FC.
  • Binds to extracellular domain. 
  • No need to permeabilize cells. 



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