Wayne Brown, PhD (Chemical Engineering), P. Eng. (Alberta and BC)

VP – Innovation and IP, Coanda R&D Corp. (A Tetra Tech Company)

Areas of expertise: Product and process development, Intellectual property management, Process scaleup/scale down, Chemical engineering fundamentals (Transport processes, chemistry, reaction engineering, bioprocesses, thermodynamics), Technology de-risking and navigation of the innovation cycle.

Current role: VP – Innovation and IP, Coanda R&D Corp. (A Tetra Tech Company)

Highlights and Summary of experiences:

  • Responsible for the growth of Coanda from a fluid-dynamics focus to a broad-based engineering science company. Member of the senior management team that navigated the integration of Coanda from a private CCPC into the fold of a major public company, following acquisition.
  • Developed the IYQ Upgrading technology, and acted as the CTO for the company that was founded to commercialize it. Was responsible for all technical development planning and execution, and the IP portfolio. Served on the Executive team, and the BOD participating in strategic decisions and governance activities.
  • Successfully completed numerous technical projects in many diverse areas, including mining, oil and gas, biological sciences, environmental, medical, and others. Have addressed these problems from many different perspectives: as an employ of an operating company, as an employee of an industrial research department, as a tenure track professor, as part of a technology start-up, and as an employ of a commercial R&D company.