Josh Abbott, P.Eng, MEngSc

Partner, Management Engineer at Tangent Design Engineering

Areas of expertise: Engineering management, business/commercialization strategy, medical device regulatory requirements, startup company structure and strategy, business accounting and governance

Current role: Partner, Management Engineer at Tangent Design Engineering

Josh Abbott is a managing partner at Tangent Design Engineering, where he has been developing revolutionary new products and technologies since 2006.  Initially focused on mechanical engineering, Josh now finds his role shifting into the management of business activities and teams.  Prior to joining Tangent, Josh was a product manager at a medical device company designing and manufacturing digital X-ray systems.  He has been involved in product development and engineering in the industrial, consumer, and medical device industries and has managed numerous projects from initial design through to production. He holds an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.  Josh uses his product development and engineering experience to provide product strategy planning, project management, and technical leadership to Tangent.  He has managed a large number of projects across several industries from initial design through to production.  Josh got into engineering to instill positive change into the world and he engineers success in the projects he is involved with.