Tools for Entrepreneurs: Digitizing Accounting Processes

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The world is moving online. Small, medium, and large businesses are increasingly adopting digitization tools to maximize efficiencies and streamline their business operations. Watch this webinar to hear from Candice McKay, President, Catalyst Financial Operations, as she discusses cloud accounting tools and other digital systems. Learn how moving to the cloud will allow for real time and automated updates for reporting to management, stakeholders, investors, and financial institutions – and so much more!

Viewers can expect to learn:

1. Basics of cloud accounting

2. Tools necessary for cloud accounting

About Candice McKay, CPA, CA (seen below)

President, Catalyst Financial Operations

Candice McKay joined the Catalyst Group in 2018 as the President of Catalyst Financial Operations (CFO). Candice and the CFO team work with businesses to streamline their accounting processes, wherever a business may be at developmentally.

Candice and her team develop sophisticated but easy to use tools, systems, and procedures to provide relevant, in-depth reporting to management, stakeholders, investors, and financial institutions. By utilizing technology, they help clients maximize efficiencies in their accounting and reporting, and support clients with both financing and re-financing activities.

Prior to working at Catalyst, Candice worked as the Chief Financial Officer for a ranch in Nanton, Alberta where she gained valuable experience in the agriculture sector.

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*This webinar is a part of the Tools for Entrepreneurs Series

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