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How can you tell If your brilliant idea to change the world is working? Impact measurement, although sometimes difficult, is vital for us to communicate to our stakeholders (customers, beneficiaries, key partners, donors, and/or investors) and confirm if the world-changing idea is doing just that. Socially purposed organizations and entrepreneurs are invited to hear about an organization’s learnings and the results of transitioning to data-driven service delivery. Attendees will gain insight into strategies and approaches to measure their impact.

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This webinar is a panel discussion with Robbie Babins, Bradford Turner and Beena Tharakan as seen above from left to right.

About Robbie Babins, CEO, Calgary Counselling Center

Over the course of her 35-year career, Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, PhD, RSW, has transformed the way Albertans receive, perceive and deliver mental health services. With her outstanding leadership as CEO of Calgary Counselling Centre, she has been leading the industry and the province in best practices in mental health services, stigma reduction, research and training. An entrepreneur and innovator in the field of mental health, Robbie has worked to ensure that Albertans have access to effective and affordable mental health programs. Since 1986, her extensive contributions have led to fundamental changes within the mental health sector.

About Bradford Turner, Founder and Managing Director, The Sector Inc.

Bradford Turner founded the Sector Inc. in 2015 and is now the Managing Director. He has provided guidance and counsel to social enterprises, charities, iNGO’s, and governments for over 15 years. Additionally, he has held executive leadership positions in a variety of organizations. Past roles include Executive Director at Toronto Workforce Innovation Group; Director, Impact Investments at Engineers Without Borders Canada, and Senior Manager, Impact Investing and Social Finance at Save the Children Canada.

About Beena Tharakan, Principal Consultant, The Sector Inc.

Beena Tharakan is Principal Consultant at The Sector Inc with over 15 years of experience at IBM, Deloitte and EY providing management consulting across the health and human services sectors to provide strategic and operational advice on improvement and innovation initiatives. She is currently completing an advanced academic program in Government Analytics at Johns Hopkins University. Beena understands the power of data in shaping programs to create positive, sustainable social impacts and is passionate about harnessing data science for social good. She has a wealth of experience advising government, policy makers and service providers on program design. She fully appreciates the benefit of using innovative technologies to produce meaningful analysis for evidence-based decision-making.

*This webinar is a part of the Investor Ready Series: Learning Opportunities for Socially Purposed Businesses

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