Making Healthcare Innovations: from Research to Market

Life Sciences Innovation

What does it mean when we say that a drug or vaccine passed their clinical trials? In this webinar, we explore how research findings in the health industry become a product that can enter the market.

Viewers will leave with:

  • A general understanding of how health research becomes a product in the market
  • Resources to help researchers during their clinical trials

This webinar was part of the University of Calgary’s #CanadianInnovationWeek programming to celebrate and inspire the next generation of innovators. It was be presented by Karen Cowan, Venture Navigator, IMPACT, Innovate Calgary.

About Karen Cowan (seen below)

As a Venture Navigator within the IMPACT program, Karen guides startup companies through the several processes required to start, execute, and complete a clinical trial within the University of Calgary environment. This includes linking ventures with clinical experts and key opinion leaders, assisting Ventures in developing a product and regulatory pathway, protocol development, ethics approvals, contract execution, budget and financial planning, data management, quality control and assurance, and knowledge translation.

Making healthcare innovations: from research to market image

*This webinar is a part of the Innovate Calgary and Life Sciences Innovation Hub Webinar Series

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