Intro to Financing Tools for Social Enterprise

Social Innovation

There are many ways to fund your social enterprise, from equity to loans. Different tools can be used to accomplish various milestones based on your corporate structure and goals. Join us with speakers from The Sector Inc. and Social Enterprise Fund to learn more about the tools available to fund your social enterprise and knowing when to use them.


  • Bradford Turner, Founder and Managing Director, The Sector Inc (left)
  • Jane Bisbee, Executive Director, The Social Enterprise Fund (right)

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About Bradford Turner

Bradford Turner founded the Sector Inc. in 2015 and is now the Managing Director. He has provided guidance and counsel to social enterprises, charities, iNGO’s, and governments for over 15 years. Additionally, he has held executive leadership positions in a variety of organizations. Past roles include Executive Director at Toronto Workforce Innovation Group; Director, Impact Investments at Engineers Without Borders Canada, and Senior Manager, Impact Investing and Social Finance at Save the Children Canada.

About Jane Bisbee

A focus of Jane Bisbee’s career has been the development of non-traditional financing mechanisms for small business, particularly through her role as executive director of The Social Enterprise Fund for the past 9 years. Additionally Jane has spent many years building industry capacity in the cultural industries, in particular Alberta’s film industry which presented her a lifetime achievement award in 2006.

*This webinar is a part of the Investor Ready Series: Learning Opportunities for Socially Purposed Businesses

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