How to Create an Investment-Securing Pitch Deck

Life Sciences Innovation
Business Development

The LSI Hub welcomed Elliot Gatt, Advisor, PhonicsVR and Startup Strategist. This practical, founder-focused webinar focuses on creating a compelling pitch deck for investors that will help your startup secure funding.

Viewers will learn:

• Pitch deck pitfalls to avoid

• Insights into what angel investors and VCs are actually looking for

• A flexible framework to create a compelling, investment-securing pitch deck

About Elliot Gatt, Advisor, PhonicsVR and Startup Strategist

Mr. Gatt is a multiple award-winning medical device entrepreneur who created the world’s first social good diabetic test strip company, Good Glucos Inc., biked across America with Team Bike Beyond, helping to raise $750K towards a cure for type 1 diabetes, and became the first person to make the cover of Diabetic Living.

With an education in marketing, a Bachelors of Arts in Business Management & Leadership from Southern Virginia University, and training in the Sandler Sales Process – now part of the Harvard curriculum, Elliot is an accomplished marketing expert and proven sales leader. He is a gifted brand builder, a talented storyteller, and has honed an incredible ability to help startups build a following and acquire new customers. With experience securing deals up to seven figures within oil and gas, medical devices, and software companies, Elliot can help any startup gain traction

*This webinar is a part of the Innovate Calgary and Life Sciences Innovation Hub Webinar Series

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