Habits for Resilient Changemakers

Social Innovation
Business Development

This webinar will give viewers the opportunity to gain a new perspective on how to create new habits that build your resiliency as an entrepreneur and expand your confidence in your journey of changemaking.

About Cole Nakatani, Hydra Labs

Cole Nakatani, BCom’11, is a social entrepreneur and educator with over ten years of experience designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences for hundreds of university students and professionals. Cole co-founded Ideahack Digital in 2011, a web development company and Hydra Learning Labs in 2016, specializing in curriculum design, facilitation, and training. He has worked with Canada’s top entrepreneurship hubs including MaRS Discovery District, e@UBC, RADIUS SFU and Innovate Calgary to deliver innovative educational programs online and in-person.

Cole is a certified Integral Coach® and has worked with individuals in various positions and organizations from startup founders to managers and social enterprises to public companies. A common thread in all of his work is to build new capabilities within people so they can be more productive, deliberate, and engaged in their work and life.

Outside of work, Cole enjoys exploring ways to expand his edges, whether it be multi-day meditations and fasting, freediving deep below the surface, or trail running with his flat feet through BCs old growth forests.

About Jordana Armstrong, Senior Innovation Manager, Clinical & Social Innovation, Innovate Calgary.

As the Senior Innovation Manager of Clinical & Social Innovation, Jordana Armstrong provides strategic direction for evidence-informed solutions to pressing challenges, which aim to scale beyond the University of Calgary and achieve sustained impact in the community. Jordana also leads the Social Enterprise Incubator program.

*This webinar is a part of the Designing Social Impact Series

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