Building an Effective Intellectual Property Portfolio

Business Development Intellectual Property & Patents

Developing an effective Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is critical for companies to create competitive advantages. This webinar takes a closer look at the strategies for IP protection and management. The viewers will get information on topics including, introduction to IP laws, IP assessments, and using IP assets for generating revenue.

Viewers can expect to learn:

  • Best practices for Intellectual property protection
  • How to manage IP portfolio for revenue generation

About Jim Wilson, Senior Manager – IP, Innovate Calgary

As the Senior Manager, Intellectual Property for the Technology Transfer Office, Jim is responsible for management of the portfolio of intellectual property assets. This includes value estimation, cost modelling, and risk analysis. Jim provides tools, training and intellectual property best practices to the team and the University of Calgary community to enable informed data-driven intellectual property investment decisions and robust and responsive intellectual property strategies.

*This webinar is a part of the Tools for Entrepreneurs Series

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